The History And Facts Of The Shawnee Tribe.

The Shawnee people form tribes found in North America. They are indigenous tribe speak a language called Algonquian and mostly occupy areas in Ohio headed to Kentucky. They originated from Tennessee but spread out to other regions. The Piqua Shawnee tribe moved to other areas due to pressure by the Europeans, and others moved after the civil war. The Shawnee had some famous chiefs that included Chief Blue Jacket and Chief Cornstalk. They are nomadic tribes which love hunting and farming.

Culture And Customs Of The Shawnee Tribe.

The Shawnee live in birch bark houses which can also be known as to as Wigwams or wetus. The houses are made of wooden frames and are usually cone-shaped houses. The home is small with woven mats and sheets made out of the birch bark. The houses and temporary and the barks are held in place by ropes and strips of woods. The homes are usually beautiful and have different decorations. The homes are however more popular with Native Indian tribes that live in woodland regions.

Since the tribe moved a lot, they ate whatever was available in their current location. Those who lived in woodland areas ate squirrels, raccoons, corn maize, and fish. Their nutrient intake mostly compromised of wild turkey, wild fruits, vegetables, and roots. Shawnee people used bows and arrows to defend themselves. They also had farming tools to help cultivate such as axes. They started using rifles after their settlement was being threatened by white settlers.

Most of the clothes the Shawnee wear is determined by the climate. Fringed tunics, shirts, and leggings are more comfortable when the weather was cold, while breechcloths are worn during summer. The tribe loves headwear like cloth turbans and bandanas that are unique and colorful. The turbans are circled by a piece of metal then decorated with feathers. It is also easy to spot them wearing cloaks which protect them from the rain and harsh cold conditions.

The Piqua Shawnee had patrilineal or exogamous clans. Peace and war organizations was the backbone of the political circle. Every group had its chief who would handle all the issues that affected his clansmen. Political activity was divided into a division which is headed by the chief. The leaders worked together to form a tribal council that will discuss issues affecting their community or strategizes their attack skills in case there is war. The women are chiefs that operated on the town level.

Women were given leadership role and are given respect in the community. The Shawnee believed in a supreme being who they called grandmother. It is however unclear about their religious activities. The Shawnee dance in circular motions as a way of performing communal worship.